How to “Get the Show on the Road” (a.k.a. launching the job search)

November 6, 2009 at 4:41 pm

The very best advice I can give to those thinking of initiating a job search is do not wait until you actually want or need the new job to get things going!

The smartest strategy anyone can employ is meticulous and continuous forethought. What this means can be broken down into a few simple tactics:

*know yourself! Ask yourself the following questions; what are my skills, strengths, weaknesses? What are my short, medium and long term career goals? What do I need to learn, work on, improve and/or upgrade? In what environment do I function best?

*make a habit of looking at your resume every other month or so and tweaking it and improving it ever so slightly. Consider it a prized work of art that requires polishing and touching up from time to time.

*even if you are well ensconced and settled in your job, keep abreast of developments and changes in your industry and/or profession. Don’t wait to play catch-up.

*similar to above, follow the competitors in your industry. Understand which companies you may be well-suited for.

*build and maintain relationships with key recruiters who work in your area of expertise. If a position is not right for you, provide referrals – this will ensure you get called again. Receiving recruiter calls is an easy way to learn about developments and business opportunities in your arena. You will also get a chance to learn about comparative compensation levels when hearing about other jobs.

*subscribe to and/or sign up for the various job boards relevant to your field. Receive their daily emails on job opportunities, even if it is just to educate yourself.

*practice your interview skills with those you know and respect. Get constructive feedback and improve.

With unemployment rates at their highest level since 1983 it is wise to keep current, knowledgeable and even cutting-edge as it relates to your career and job opportunities


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