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April 13, 2010 at 5:38 pm

I have been trying to decide on what to write about next for my blog. This has preoccupied me for several days now and the more I am undecided the more I read and surf the “net” to be inspired and hopefully to find some topic that intrigues me enough to research and ultimately put pen to paper (rather fingers to keyboard!). This exercise has continuously led me back to the idea that there is just too much information out there! How can we mere mortals really digest and synthesize even that which is available in our own areas of interest and expertise.

 Anyone is a writer these days commenting on everything from stocks to the local diner. As of about a year ago there were approximately 156 million web sites and blogs worldwide. In the US there are currently about 20 million bloggers of which 450,000 earn a living from blogging. Thus blogging may indeed be a new “profession (recruiters out there pay attention!)” What did we do before all of this existed? And how many different opinions do we really need to read about on any particular topic. I tend to think of a “make work” program in that the technology exists so people feel they NEED to use it.

 In a similar vein, in the month of February 2010 Google received and astonishing 10.936 billion queries. I am personally responsible for about 500 of these queries but my occupation strongly depends on methodical and thorough ongoing research. Most jobs do not have this requirement and Google is definitely not used only for professional purposes! So what is everyone searching for? Again, I believe that since cyberspace has so many options (at least 156 million) there is the feeling that one must be “out there searching”!

 So what does this all really mean? The internet only began to gain public popularity around 1994 although it had been around previously for technical and academic purposes. Thus at 16 years of age the Internet is a mere teen! Like most teens, the Internet is still forming. It is amorphous, inexact and often questionable (like the typical teen!). The way we utilize the Internet is also a work in progress. We started this adventure with the simple obtaining of information from diverse sources. We then moved onto e-shopping and now social media is all the craze. Where this will all end up is anyone’s guess since we are still really at the outset of this “brave new world.” So my best advice is take it slow. Do not try to read, digest and comment on everything. The Internet is clearly here to stay and information overload is only just beginning!!


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